VANDEL ARE SET TO RULE THE WORLDSince 2011, Vandel couriers have been expanding our scope and reach in order to become part of the transportation and logistics solutions available to local business in Drogheda, Louth, Meath and Dublin. We have a reputation for delivering “intact and on time” which has made us the couriers of choice for a vast array of local businesses as well as large household name outlets. We are now primed to expand that scope even further, with the upcoming launch of our Storage and Distribution Hub (SDH), Vandel Are Set To Rule The World!

Through all ages, advancements in shipping and logistics have made the world a much smaller place. Today even the most remotest regions of the planet are far more accessible than people would have dreamt of only just a half century ago. Already a name synonymous with reliability, punctuality, and discretion on a local and increasingly on a national level, Vandel couriers have started growing a greater reputation on the international scene. Never ones to sit back and rest on our laurels, in 2017 we are planning on expanding even further into the international logistics market, with plans in the pipelines to open our first SDH on the East Coast of Ireland.

Our new SDH will provide an invaluable service to businesses who are looking for a cost effective way to bulk distribute their products throughout their outlet and client networks. Its location on the East Coast of Ireland, under an hour away from major international distribution ports such as Drogheda Port, Dublin Airport and Dublin Port makes it the ideal location for companies who have need to ship products over seas, as well as those seeking better storage and distribution solutions for their imports into Ireland.

Local and national businesses wishing to expand their reach and scope within the island of Ireland will also benefit from our latest development. Our SDH will be the ideal location for enterprises of all sizes who wish to bulk ship from their own premises and have their consignment broken down into smaller batches for easier distribution. Having such a service available to them will allow them to grow further into markets which may have previously been inaccessible to them.

The end of the first quarter of 2017 has also seen the launch of our newly revamped website, which is the first phase of our brand expansion which is set to continue through out 2017.