Storage boxes

Anyone who has ever moved home or business can tell about the time the cardboard box gave way and grannies China dishes, or the companies back up server smashed all over the ground, irreparably lost forever. Some things are just too important to leave to chance, so if you are moving premises, or simply need stronger storage solutions for your most valuable items then enquire about our super sturdy and resilient Moving Box Hire and Sale services.

Packing and moving just got so much easier and safer with our specialised moving and storage boxes. We hire (or sell if required) and deliver to your premises, super strong, reusable plastic moving boxes. When your move is finished or you no longer require the storage we come and pick up the boxes from you, its just that simple.

Our pricing is simple and cost effective.

€2 per box per week

€20 On Delivery +

€20 On Collection

For more information, or to enquire about booking your removal please call us on +353 86 883 3148 or email